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Khalil Abdul Rahman

Insurance Agent

Khalil is a valuable member of our team at Legacy Planning & Preservation LLC, where he serves as a dedicated Life Insurance Agent.

As a husband and father of six, he brings a deep understanding of the significance of family and the need for financial security. Khalil's role within our team is to assist clients in setting up their family goals and protection through life insurance solutions.

His commitment to helping families thrive and his expertise in life insurance make him an essential part of our mission to empower our clients to build lasting legacies. Khalil's approachable nature and genuine concern for your family's well-being ensure that you receive personalized and compassionate guidance throughout your financial planning journey.

CA Licensed: License #4311049

  • Email: khalil@legacypnp.ltd
  • Phone: (+1) 916 000 0000

Personal Details

Meet Khalil, a dedicated member of our team and a licensed Life Insurance Agent. Khalil understands the importance of family, being a loving husband and a father of six wonderful children, two boys and four girls. With a strong family focus, he is passionate about helping you set up your family’s goals and protection. Khalil is here to provide you with expert guidance and support to secure your family’s financial future and ensure peace of mind.

Professional Skills

Customer Service
Insurance Advice
Goal Setting